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Filippo Voltaggio- Life Coach-Reiki Master & Friend, Los Angeles, California

“I am impressed with the kind of attention and love that Brigitte puts into her products. If it is true that intent and energy is infused in products,CannaVisEology shakes are loaded with great ingredients, good intention and good energy, because Brigitte cares. Not only does she care, she is really knowledgeable, and takes great pride in what she is able to provide each of her clients. From the detailed and personalized one on one consultation, to the “mass” produced products, I know she has done the research and that she is providing the best she can, with the knowledge and material currently available.”


Ana Martins- Publicist, NYC

“I have known Brigitte for over 10 years and have never met anyone more devoted to people than her. She has changed my life and that of my family with her amazing organic shakes and liquid vitamins. Being an extremely busy publicist I would go the whole day without eating and ended up getting seriously ill, thanks to Brigitte’s shakes my health was turned around in a very short time and now I no longer go without eating and have great energy throughout the day.”


Antonella Palazio– Certified Health Coach, Nicaragua & Miami Beach

“Brigitte represents the passion, wholeness, knowledge and love that goes into her food and her organic shakes. She is one of the few really gifted natural foods chefs I have met and her path has inspired me to further explore the field of health, wellness and nutrition.”

Mark T Collins – Editor, Los Angeles

“As a friend of Brigitte for 25 plus years, I’ve seen her concern for the well being of others first hand, and I’m happy that she’s found a innovative way to implement many of her ideas on health and nutrition. As someone who’s had energy issues for some time, I’ve found her VEGAN Organic Protein Shakes a great supplementto a healthy diet, and even better, to a un-healthy one. When time is tight I’ve found the shakes invaluable in keeping me going, knowing I’m not loading up on some sugary fad energy drink. I’m looking forward to seeing Brigitte’s healthy diet ideas expanding outwards to help even more folks like myself.”


Rachele Scholes Journalist, Palm Beach, FL

“The VEGAN Organic Shakes are life-changing. Since I’ve been drinking them and eating Brigitte’s meals, I’ve never felt or looked better, and I can’t imagine eating any other way.”


Christina Arata – Celebrity Hair Stylist, South Beach, FL

“Thanks to Brigitte’s organic VEGAN protein shakes and HD liquid vitamins I now have great energy again!Not only did Brigitte customize my shake to help me with all of the imbalance that was going on in my body through her passion and extraordinary knowledge. I love the taste and how easy they are to prepare in my busy schedule on the go. I have told many of my friends!Thanks Brigitte for changing my life and giving me back my energy”.


Maria Rita Caso – Certified Life Coach-NYC

“Brigitte M. Britton has been as far as I can remember an advocate for better health through food and nutrition. She has developed a program accompanied with incredible organic VEGAN protein shakes activated with a liquid vitamin that achieves dramatic results. I introduced her to an old boyfriend and after being on her regimen; he has lost 30 pounds, and looks 20 years younger, (for real!). His vitality has improved dramatically…I believe Brigitte is at the threshold of an exciting, realistic new way to transform your body, mind and spirit.”


Efren Santana: Producer – Writer, Miami Beach, FL

“Our bodies are our temples and we should fill them with healthy things. One of the healthiest products I have ever used is Brigitte’sCannaVisEology Organic VEGAN Shakes which have turned my body into a super healthy and energized one. I highly recommend them


Emily Zubi:Producer-Client-Coral Gables, FL

“I am eternally grateful to Brigitte and her amazing Vegan Shakes! They havegiven me the best way to have a new healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The education and dedication is amazing and helped me put an end to the “up and down” weight loss


Gary Blyth- Writer, Providence, Rhode Island

“Brigitte’s insights into the health of the body and mind are remarkable without being overpowering, thereby combining a delicate mystique with appropriate realism. Her custom organic VEGAN shakes are truly delicious and powerful. The sheer results of her recipes allow the energy of gratification and ascetism to live together at the dinner table.”


Claude Bertrand – Builder, Client-Paris France

“I was not feeling good, I thought I had Prostate cancer so I called my “old” friend Brigitte, she came toFrance in the summer of 2009, and made me her custom organic shakes which I had every day with the liquid vitamins. By the time she left back to the US I was healthy, energized &cancer free!!The doctors were amazed and told me to continue doing whatever I was doing.”


Angela Badolato – Energy Healer-Friend-Melbourne, Australia 

“Brigitte has a gift with food that is irresistible! Her custom organic protein shakes are a welcome break from commercially processed whey. I know when I drink one of her shakes with the liquid vitamins I get all the minerals and other goodies I need – so I don’t have to run around shopping for other supplements and they taste great! I’ve also tried her meals and healthy deserts as well and she is exceptionally gifted at creating healthy, with good-fat and satisfying foods that taste better than any restaurant I’ve tried…in…NYC. I met Brigitte when I was I struggling with a personal issue and that day she was able to calm me down so I could begin to make lasting changes in my relationship. In fact, due to Brigitte’s loving insight, I’ve changed my approach to dealing with my nearest – permanently! Her commitment to healthy living – is more than just physical and she shows how a deep commitment to yourself is the most important love you can give yourself. She is gentle, and inspiring.” 

Patrick Wanis-PhD: Human Behavior Expert, Egypt / Australia

“The VEGAN shakes are the perfect blend of greens, antioxidants, and protein. And I love the taste – so much better than regular shakes – natural, lightly spicy and delicious and go great with the liquid vitamins. Most of all, I want to acknowledge and praise the extraordinary love, dedication and personal attention Brigitte gives to each and every one of her clients. Her sincere and genuine interest, guidance and insights are extremely valuable and life-changing.” 


Glenn Mercante: Event Producer-Honolulu, Hawaii

“Brigitte has been a positive, driving and powerful force in my life for over 20 years. She is inspirational in every sense of the word! Innovative, creative, and always on the cutting edge… She is an inspiration to all mankind…An enlightened spiritual force one would be truly empowered to be in the company of. She has touched the lives of thousands with her words of wisdom, in her books. She has helped to create strong and powerful bodies with her Amazing organic shakes, the liquid vitamins and exercise routines and has surely helped many to live longer with her delicious original recipes and Holistic Nutritional Lifestyle Program. She is intense, loving, amazing…A true inspiration for anyone living in this century.


DJ SNEZANA and Logan Kissel – Dubai 

We absolutely love the taste of Brigitte’s Organic VEGAN Protein Shakes….We both work a lot as a performing artist and sometimes we just don’t have time to sit and eat but need energy…these shakes are perfect for that….they taste so amazing the consistency is great and we love how they make us feel awake and mentally alert…We would recommend them to everyone who wants to feel amazing.”


Julio Fernandez – Lead Guitarist Spyro Gyra, NYC 

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Brigitte for over 20 years and have always admired her positive energy and love of life. I was always impressed with her ability to speak several languages and with her knowledge of the world. Then one day I tasted her amazing cooking and was totally blown away. Not only was it wonderful on the palate, it was also healthy for you. That’s exactly the reaction I had when I first tasted her Organic Shakes. They are delicious and good for you. These shakes make you feel great from the inside out. Thank you Brigitte for giving such a beautiful gift to the world”.


Adam Schmidt: Health Expert Los Angeles

TheCannaVisEology Shakes activated with liquid vitamins are the best Power Meal Shakes anywhere. I’ve tried many others and you always have to add so many things to them to make them taste decent. TheCannaVisEologyShake tastes amazing by just adding water or Almond Milk! Plus it has tons of amazing nutrients the others don’t have. I can’t go a day without having one. It gives me energy and makes me feel great.

Disclaimer:  KanaKalm products are intended for healthy adults age 18 and over. The books and lifestyle program are solely for informational and educational purposes and are not intended as medical advice. Consult with a licensed medical or health care professional before you begin any exercise, nutrition or supplementation program or if you have medical questions about your health. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.