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cannaviseology_productsKanaKalm Shake Preparation:
In a REALLY GOOD BLENDER add 6ozs of coconut milk or almond milk, 3 ice cubes and 1 scoop or 1 packet of the VEGAN power shake. Blend well, then add 1 banana and 1 cup of mixed berries. Blend well again and drink!
* This shake should be taken 5 days on two days off

Please take the time to make it this way as it is a very powerful shake with mostly raw certified organic ingredients and tastes really amazing when made this way.

Shake Ingredients and Health Benefits:

The Di­ges­tive, In­testi­nal, Cir­cu­la­tory, Res­pi­ra­tory, Uri­nary, Glan­du­lar, Ner­vous, Struc­tural, Im­mune and Emo­tional/Men­tal Sys­tems.

“Our Revolutionary Certified Or­ganic VEGAN Pro­tein Power Meal Re­place­ment” pro­vides your body with car­efully se­lected in­gre­di­ents that nour­ish the 10 Body Sys­tems, sup­port a healthy body weight, lean mus­cle mass, a stronger im­mune sys­tem and vibrant energy all day.  CannaVisEology Certified Organic VEGAN Protein Power Meal Replacements boosts en­ergy, di­gest eas­ily and taste great. Our earthy, cacao fla­vored certified organic protein power meal has nat­u­rally occurring vi­t­a­mins and min­er­als from raw, whole food sources. It is Free of antibiotics, Soy, GMOs, syn­thetic growth or breed­ing hor­mones, per­sis­tent pes­ti­cides, and has no syn­thetic fertilizers.  In addition, there are no artificial chem­i­cals, preservatives, sweeteners or similar ingredients of any kind and it is sweetened naturally with organic Luo Han Guo, the Chinese Mangosteen fruit.

The Health and Wellness Benefits of (Hemp CBD) Cannabidiol


Reduces pain.

Stress relief.

Relieves anxiety.

Assists with depression.


Relieves muscle spasms.

Protects from neurodegenerative diseases.

Immune support

Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have long been valued as a source of the mineral zinc. Whole roasted, unshelled pumpkin seeds contain about 10 milligrams of zinc per 3.5 ounces, pumpkin seeds are a rich source of vitamin E and Omega fatty acids.

Organic Sunflower Seeds

Organic Sunflower Seeds Hulled supply a good source of vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E, the body’s primary fat-soluble antioxidant. Vitamin E travels throughout the body neutralizing free radicals that would otherwise damage fat-containing structures and molecules, such as cell membranes, brain cells, and cholesterol. In addition, vitamin E and the Omega Fatty Acids play an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Vitamin E is one of the main antioxidants found in cholesterol particles and helps prevent free radicals from oxidizing cholesterol. In a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers published the amounts of phytosterols present in nuts and seeds commonly eaten in the United States. Sesame seeds had the highest total phytosterol content (400-413 mg per 100 grams), and English walnuts and Brazil nuts the lowest (113 mg/100grams and 95 mg/100 grams). (100 grams is equivalent to 3.5 ounces.) Of the nuts and seeds typically consumed as snack foods, sunflower seeds and pistachios were richest in phytosterols (270-289 mg/100 g), followed by pumpkin seeds (265 mg/100 g). They are also high in Magnesium.

Organic Hemp Seeds Hulled

Hemp Seeds are a gift of nature. They are the most nutritious seed in the world. Hemp Seeds are a complete protein. They have the most concentrated balance of proteins, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes combined with a relative absence of sugar, starches and saturated fats. Hemp Seeds are one of nature’s perfect foods – a SuperFood. This is one of the most potent foods available, supporting optimal health and well being, for life. Raw hemp provides a broad spectrum of health benefits, including: weight loss, increased and sustained energy, rapid recovery from disease or injury, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced inflammation, improvement in circulation and immune system as well as natural blood sugar control. Hemp belongs to the genus Cannibis sativa and has been cultivated for thousands of years as a source of fiber, edible seeds, edible oil, lubricant, and as a fuel.

Certified Organic Goji Berry:

Sup­ports and Bal­ances: The Im­mune, Uri­nary, Skele­tal and Struc­tural Body Sys­tems.

Certified Organic Goji Berry has been called the world’s most pow­er­ful anti-ag­ing food. It is one of the high­est rated foods on the ORAC scale (Oxy­gen Rad­i­cal Ab­sorbance Ca­pac­ity) only ri­valed by cloves, cinnamon, cacao and the acai berry. The ORAC scale is a test de­vel­oped by USDA re­searchers out of Tufts Uni­ver­sity in Boston that mea­sures the an­tiox­i­dant level in foods. It possesses an un­matched abil­ity to ab­sorb in­ju­ri­ous free rad­i­cals that at­tack the body and con­tribute to the aging process and many dis­eases. Goji Berries con­tain 18 amino acids; in­clud­ing the 8 es­sen­tial ones. They are a su­perb source of vi­t­a­min A and offer more beta carotene than car­rots, a rich source of vi­t­a­min C; hav­ing 500 times more vi­t­a­min C per ounce than or­anges. They also have 21 trace min­er­als, vi­t­a­mins B1, B2, B6, and vi­t­a­min E. The Goji Berry is a nu­tri­tion­ally dense food and an ex­cel­lent source of pro­tein too. It also has a long his­tory of use for eye prob­lems, skin rashes, pso­ri­a­sis, al­ler­gies, in­som­nia, liver health, and bal­anc­ing blood sugar.

Certified Or­ganic Alfalfa Leaf Pow­der: Sup­ports and Bal­ances:

The Uri­nary, Glan­du­lar, Struc­tural, Im­mune, Di­ges­tive, Res­pi­ra­tory and In­testi­nal Body Sys­tems.

Certified Or­ganic Al­falfa Leaf Pow­der has a com­plete, well rounded source of vi­t­a­mins and min­er­als that are ex­tremely ben­e­fi­cial to the body. The leaves of this amaz­ing plant con­tain 8 amino acids as well as cal­cium, mag­ne­sium, potas­sium, sodium, phos­pho­rous, iron sul­fides, choline and beta-carotene. It is said to be an ex­cel­lent source of vi­t­a­mins A, B, D, C, E and K as well as zinc and cal­cium. It is rich in saponins, phy­toe­stro­gen and an­tiox­i­dants and is known as “The Fa­ther of all Foods”. It has been used for years in Chi­nese med­i­cine to com­bat a va­ri­ety of ill­nesses from kid­ney stones to rheuma­tism and arthri­tis. It is a true super food that pro­motes over­all health and well­ness. Com­monly used as an herbal di­uretic and lax­a­tive, it can nat­u­rally re­lieve con­sti­pa­tion and help with di­ges­tive prob­lems such as in­di­ges­tion and gas­tri­tis. It can be ben­e­fi­cial in boost­ing a slug­gish ap­petite and calm­ing a gen­eral upset stom­ach. It is also used to detox­ify the body by clean­ing the liver, and as a nat­ural rem­edy for kid­ney and uri­nary tract in­fec­tions. It has also been used to help women suf­fer­ing from menopausal symp­toms. It is known to act as an anti-fun­gal agent and may elim­i­nate water re­ten­tion. It aids in the as­sim­i­la­tion of pro­tein, fats and car­bo­hy­drates and may even re­duce plaque in the ar­ter­ies which can help sup­port a healthy heart. Alfalfa can be highly ben­e­fi­cial against both ane­mia and asthma.

The Health Ben­e­fits of Certified Or­ganic Al­falfa Leaf Pow­der may in­clude:

        • Ex­cel­lent nat­ural lax­a­tive and di­uretic
        • Detox­i­fy­ing of the uri­nary tract and uri­nary tract in­fec­tions
        • Re­duc­ing ex­cess water re­ten­tion in the blad­der
        • Ex­cel­lent nat­ural source of vi­t­a­min K
        • Well-known blood and liver pu­ri­fier of chem­i­cals and heavy met­als
        • Eas­ing joint prob­lems, skin is­sues and foul breath
        • A strong al­ka­line ef­fect on the body
        • Ex­cel­lent neu­tral­izer for the acids in the in­testi­nal track
        • Eas­ing gen­eral di­ges­tive prob­lems, gas­tri­tis and in­di­ges­tion
        • Re­duc­ing mi­graine headaches through com­bined high mag­ne­sium and cal­cium lev­els
        • Bioflavonoids that re­duce in­flam­ma­tion of the stom­ach lin­ing
        • High lev­els of en­zymes for food di­ges­tion and as­sim­i­la­tion
        • Com­bat­ing bad forms of cho­les­terol, & re­duces the in­ci­dence of ath­er­o­scle­rotic plaques
        • Sta­bi­liz­ing blood sugar lev­els, par­tic­u­larly when taken in con­junc­tion with man­ganese
        • Im­prov­ing pi­tu­itary gland func­tion­ing
        • Stim­u­lat­ing the im­mune-sys­tem
        • High level of vi­t­a­min K adds to the ef­fec­tive heal­ing of bleed­ing gums and nose­bleeds
        • High bioflavonoid count in­creases blood cap­il­lary strength
        • High lev­els of Vi­t­a­min K2 may par­tially de­crease bone loss due to lack of es­tro­gen in menopausal women.

Certified OrganicRaw Red Maca Root Powder:

Supports & Balances: The Hormonal, Emotional & Mental Body Systems. 

Certified Organic Ash­wa­gandha Root Powder:

Sup­ports and Bal­ances: The Im­mune and Emo­tional/Men­tal Body Sys­tems.

Certified Organic Ash­wa­gandha Root Powder sup­ports and balances the emo­tional/men­tal and the im­mune body sys­tems, and may show re­mark­able promise for in­creas­ing brain func­tion. It has been used in India for peo­ple with men­tal deficits in geri­atric pa­tients, in­clud­ing am­ne­sia. Re­searchers have found that it can in­crease acetyl­choline re­cep­tor ac­tiv­ity. In­creased acetyl­choline re­cep­tor ca­pac­ity might partly ex­plain the cog­ni­tion-en­hanc­ing and mem­ory im­prov­ing ef­fects of ex­tracts from Ash­wa­gandha ob­served in an­i­mals and hu­mans. Fur­ther stud­ies in­di­cate that Organic Ash­wa­gandha stim­u­lates the growth of axons and den­drites. Ac­cord­ing to sci­en­tists, it most likely af­fects mul­ti­ple body sys­tems to pro­mote emo­tional well-be­ing, men­tal sharp­ness and phys­i­cal en­durance. Phar­ma­co­log­i­cal stud­ies in­di­cate the mech­a­nism of ac­tion is With­aferin-A, a pri­mary With­ano­lide in it which stim­u­lates neu­ro­trans­mit­ter path­ways in the brain. This ef­fect en­hances mem­ory and other cog­ni­tive processes. Sci­en­tists have yet to pin­point the spe­cific func­tions sup­port­ing im­mune sys­tem re­sponse and other reg­u­la­tory body sys­tems, though it is be­lieved that all the ac­tive gly­cowith­ano­lides that de­rive from the plant work to­gether to al­le­vi­ate anx­i­ety and panic, mild mood swings, lack of men­tal clar­ity/focus and men­tal/phys­i­cal fa­tigue.
Health Ben­e­fits of Certified Organic Ash­wa­gandha Root Powder may in­clude:

        • Im­prov­ing mem­ory and men­tal func­tion
        • Ben­e­fits for oc­ca­sional panic at­tacks and anx­i­ety
        • Bat­tling de­pres­sion and sta­bi­liz­ing mild to mod­er­ate mood changes
        • Com­bat­ing men­tal or phys­i­cal fa­tigue
        • En­hanc­ing im­mune-sys­tem sup­port

Certified Organic Raw Cacao Nibs:

Support & Balance: The Mental/Emotional & Immune Body Systems

Certified Organic Raw Cacao Nibs ‘the food of the gods’ have been used for centuries to boost energy and enhance mood. With over 300 identifiable chemical compounds, cacao remains one of the most complex and pleasurable foods on the planet. In its raw form, cacao containsanandamide(a euphoric substance),arginine(a natural aphrodisiac), andtryptophan(a natural anti-depressant). By raising the neurotransmitters in our brain, cacao promotes an overall feeling of well being. In essence, raw chocolate makes you happy! What’s the Difference between Cacao and Cocoa?The official name of the chocolate tree isTheobroma Cacao. Some experts believe that over time the word “cacao” became Anglicized, and most likely through common error people started calling it “cocoa”.

Now, with the rebirth of old-style, artisanal chocolate there is a movement to reclaim the beans rightful name: cacao (pronounced Ka-Kow). Today, the two words are often used inter-changeably.

Our Cacao Beans are cultivated using only the best in sustainable organic farming practices on small, family owned farms as opposed to large hybrid cacao farms. It is our goal to provide Cacao nibs which are superior in flavor, aroma andhealth benefits. Our organic cacao nibs are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides and are never machine

processed, heated or roasted. No sugar, dairy or anything else; just 100% heirloom organic cacao. Cacao, ‘the food of the gods’ has been used for centuries to boost energy and enhance mood. With over 300 identifiable chemical compounds, cacao remains one of the most complex and pleasurable foods on the planet. In its raw form, cacao containsanandamide(a euphoric substance),arginine(a natural aphrodisiac), andtryptophan(a natural anti-depressant). By raising the neurotransmitters in our brain, cacao promotes an overall feeling of well being. In essence, raw chocolate makes you happy! Raw Organic Cacao nibs are high in the mineral magnesium, essential for helping the heart to pump blood efficiently, building strong bones and maintaining proper blood pressure. Cacao nibs also contain one of the highest levels of antioxidants on the planet, exceeding that of red wine, green tea and many other exotic fruits and vegetables. Recent scientific studies have shown that cacao boosts blood flow to the heart, brain and other organs and while having protective effects and supporting a healthy heart.

It has also been shown to be helpful in loweringblood glucose levels. Research from Germany also suggests that the flavanols in cacao may help maintain youthful, beautiful skin. Plus cacao is a good source of sulfur which promotes healthy skin, nails and hair. Cacao and dark chocolate has been shown to have excellent antioxidant levels exceeding red wine, green tea, and other exotic fruits and vegetables. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values of dark chocolate (13,120 per 100 grams) exceed those of prunes
Possible health benefits of ourCertified Organic Raw Cacao Nibs may include:

        • Mood elevating properties
        • Helpful for arteriosclerosis
        • Natural aphrodisiac
        • Improving the cellular functioning of those cells lining blood vessels
        • Super powerful antioxidant
        • Boosting blood flow to the brain, heart, & other organs
        • Supporting a healthy heart
        • Anti-inflammation
        • Lowering the oxidative stress of strenuous activities – thus helping athletes to recover
        • Improving digestion
        • Stimulating kidney & bowel function
        • Can be used to combat skin problems including eczema, psoriasis & burns
        • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system
        • Strong stress reliever
        • Relaxing muscles
        • Increasing insulin sensitivity in healthy persons
        • Helping build strong bones & teeth
        • Containing more magnesium than any other food
        • Lowers blood glucose levels
        • Lowers the risk of hardening of the arteries
        • Reduces free radicals throughout the body
        • May be used to increase breast milk production
        • Lowering bad LDL cholesterol while increasing good HDL cholesterol
        • Endothelial function improved in overweight adults
        • May be helpful in reducing additional neural damage in the case of a stroke
        • Reducing blood pressure
        • Promoting an overall feeling of euphoria & well being
        • Helping to Maintain youthful, beautiful skin, hair, & nails

wheat_grassCertified Or­ganic Wheat Grass:Sup­ports and bal­ances:

The Di­ges­tive, In­testi­nal, Glan­du­lar and the Im­mune Body Sys­tems

Certified Or­ganic Wheat­grass Pow­der is an easy way to enjoy all the won­der­ful ben­e­fits of this in­cred­i­ble green food. It is a pow­er­ful detox­i­fier of the liver, blood, and gas­troin­testi­nal tract while chem­i­cally neu­tral­iz­ing tox­ins. The en­zymes and amino acids found in wheat­grass can help pro­tect the body from free rad­i­cals and car­cino­gens. It also stim­u­lates me­tab­o­lism and the body’s en­zyme sys­tems by en­rich­ing the blood and in­creas­ing red blood-cell count. It may also aid in re­duc­ing blood pres­sure by di­lat­ing the blood path­ways through­out the body. Re­cent stud­ies sug­gest that wheat­grass has a pow­er­ful abil­ity to help fight tu­mors with­out the usual tox­i­c­ity of drugs and it should not be con­fused with Wheat­grass Juice Pow­der. Organic Wheatgrass Powder is made by dry­ing the whole grass leaf and then milling it into a fine pow­der. Wheat­grass Juice Pow­der is made by first juic­ing the Wheat­grass and re­mov­ing all of the cel­lu­lose so a pure juice con­cen­trate is left. Then the juice is dried into a pow­der. Wheat­grass is rich in pro­tein and in­cludes all 8 of the es­sen­tial amino acids, as well as 13 of the re­main­ing 16 non es­sen­tial amino acids.

Health Ben­e­fits of Certified Or­ganic Wheat­grass Pow­der may in­clude:

        • Nat­u­rally im­prov­ing en­ergy
        • High an­tiox­i­dant con­tent
        • Im­prov­ing di­ges­tion and reg­u­lar­ity
        • Neu­tral­iz­ing tox­ins
        • Al­ka­liz­ing the in­ter­nal body
        • Help­ing re­build the im­mune sys­tem
        • Pro­vid­ing raw build­ing blocks for the hair, skin and nails
        • Cleans­ing prop­er­ties
        • Pro­mot­es clear think­ing
        • Anti-ag­ing prop­er­ties

Certified Or­ganic Black Chia Seeds:Sup­ports and Bal­ances;

The Cir­cu­la­tory, Di­ges­tive, In­testi­nal, and the Im­mune Body Sys­tems

Certified Or­ganic Black Chia Seeds are an ed­i­ble seed that come from the desert plant Salvia His­pan­ica, a mem­ber of the mint fam­ily that grows abun­dantly in south­ern Mex­ico. Known as the run­ning food, its use as a high en­ergy en­durance food has been recorded as far back as the an­cient Aztecs.

Black Chia seeds are ex­tremely high in Omega 3 fatty acids and are loaded with an­tiox­i­dants, vi­t­a­mins, min­er­als and sol­u­ble fiber. One ounce of Black Chia Seeds pro­vides 11 grams of fiber. This amount also in­cludes cal­cium, phos­pho­rous, mag­ne­sium, man­ganese, cop­per, niacin, zinc and the proper ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids. They are a rich source of an­tiox­i­dants con­tain­ing chloro­genic acid, caf­feic acid, myricetin, quercetin and kaempferol flavonols.

These com­pounds are both pri­mary and syn­er­gis­tic an­tiox­i­dants that con­tribute to the strong an­tiox­i­dant ac­tiv­ity of Black Chia Seeds. Stud­ies show that eat­ing them may slow down how fast our bod­ies con­vert car­bo­hy­drate calo­ries into sim­ple sug­ars. This leads sci­en­tists to be­lieve that they may have great ben­e­fits for di­a­bet­ics. In a pre­lim­i­nary study from the Uni­ver­sity of Toronto (2006), re­searchers gave 21 di­a­bet­ics ei­ther a sup­ple­ment made from Black Chia Seeds, or grains with sim­i­lar fiber con­tent. The re­sults were in­ter­est­ing. Re­searchers be­lieve this same gel-form­ing phe­nom­e­non takes place in the stom­ach when food con­tain­ing these gummy fibers, known as mu­cilages, are eaten. The gel that is formed in the stom­ach cre­ates a phys­i­cal bar­rier be­tween car­bo­hy­drates and the di­ges­tive en­zymes that break them down, thus slow­ing the con­ver­sion of car­bo­hy­drates into sugar. This block­age of calo­rie ab­sorp­tion makes them a great diet helper pro­long­ing their con­ver­sion into sugar sta­bi­lizing meta­bolic changes, di­min­ish­ing the surges of highs and lows cre­at­ing a longer du­ra­tion in their fu­el­ing ef­fects. One of the ex­cep­tional qual­i­ties of the seeds is their hy­drophilic prop­er­ties, hav­ing the abil­ity to ab­sorb more than 12 times their weight in water. Their abil­ity to hold on to water supports the body in pro­longing hy­dra­tion. Flu­ids and elec­trolytes pro­vide the en­vi­ron­ment that sup­ports the life of all the body’s cells. With Or­ganic Black Chia Seeds, you re­tain mois­ture; reg­u­late, more ef­fi­ciently, this helps with ab­sorp­tion of nu­tri­ents and body flu­ids. Be­cause there is a greater ef­fi­ciency in the uti­liza­tion of body flu­ids, the elec­trolyte bal­ance is main­tained.

Health Ben­e­fits of Certified Or­ganic Black Chia Seeds may in­clude:

        • Sup­port­ing car­dio­vas­cu­lar health
        • Being very high in sol­u­ble fiber
        • Im­prov­ing di­ges­tion and nat­ural detox­i­fi­ca­tion
        • Strong an­tiox­i­dant ben­e­fits
        • As­sist­ing joint func­tion and mo­bil­ity
        • Great for pro­longed en­ergy and en­durance
        • Sup­port­ing a healthy heart
        • Sup­port­ing healthy weight
        • Sup­port­ing healthy blood pres­sure lev­els
        • Higher an­tiox­i­dant than blue­ber­ries

Certified Organic Luo Han Guo:

Sup­ports and Bal­ances: The Im­mune, Di­ges­tive, In­testi­nal, Glan­du­lar and Res­pi­ra­tory Body Sys­tems

Certified Organic Luo Han Guo is a fruit that Amer­i­cans are hear­ing a lot about now. The Chi­nese have used it as a nat­ural sweet­ener and heal­ing rem­edy for many centuries. As far back as the 13thcentury the monks who live in the steep Guilin moun­tains of South­ern China have also used this sweetener. In fact, it was named after ad­vanced Bud­dhist prac­ti­tion­ers, called “lu­o­han”. The Chi­nese call this the “longevity fruit” be­cause the steep moun­tain fields in Guangxi Province where it is grown have an un­usual num­ber of res­i­dents that live to be 100 years old or more! Many promis­ing stud­ies are un­der­way,which are con­firm­ing the nu­tri­tional and heal­ing prop­er­ties of this natural sweetener.

It is a cousin of the cu­cum­ber, and a mem­ber of the gourd fam­ily of fruits. It’s a round and smooth, dusty green-brown fruit that is cov­ered with fine soft hairs, and a hard but thin shell. The fruit is used only after it is dried, and can be processed into a pow­der that con­tains nat­ural sub­stances called mon­gro­sides. These nat­ural com­pounds make this a whop­ping 300 times sweeter than sugar,and are also re­spon­si­ble for some of the health ben­e­fits as­so­ci­ated with this fruit: It does not el­e­vate in­sulin lev­els, raise cho­les­terol or stim­u­late fat stor­age. Lo Han ex­tract is the fore­most nat­ural sweet­ener in the in­dus­try. It is being used in for­mu­las to pro­mote and main­tain a healthy weight. It is con­sid­ered safe for di­a­bet­ics, hypoglycemic’s and chil­dren. It adds a nice nat­ural sweet­ness to func­tional bev­er­ages. Since it is not a sugar al­co­hol, it doesn’t leave a bit­ter fin­ish. By iso­lat­ing the sweet com­pounds one can ob­tain ex­tracts that are up to 250 to 300 times sweeter than nat­ural sugar. The Mon­gro­sides in Organic Luo han guo are under in­ves­ti­ga­tion as po­ten­tial tumor in­hibitors.

Health Ben­e­fits of Certified Organic Luo han guo may in­clude:

        • An­tiox­i­dant prop­er­ties.
        • May help man­age di­a­betes be­cause of their in­hibitory ef­fects on blood sugar lev­els.
        • May de­fend against heart dis­ease.
        • Re­lieve throat in­flam­ma­tion or cough.
        • Cool heat stroke.
        • Help elim­i­na­tion in the el­derly.
        • Re­lieve di­ges­tive dis­tress.

Certified Or­ganic Cin­na­mon Pow­der:Sup­ports and Bal­ances:

The Im­mune, Skele­tal, and Di­ges­tive Body Sys­tems

Certified Or­ganic Cin­na­mon Pow­der is one of the old­est and most rec­og­niz­able fla­vors in the world. An­cient Egyp­tians im­ported it from China and used it as a med­i­cine and food en­hancer. Since then it has been used in just about every type of food prod­uct avail­able. This spice is ob­tained from the inner bark of the cin­na­mon tree. The bark rolls up while dry­ing in the sun, and forms what we know as a cin­na­mon stick which is left as is or ground into a fine pow­der. Pre­lim­i­nary lab and an­i­mal stud­ies have found that it may have anti-bac­te­r­ial and anti-fun­gal prop­er­ties. It’s ac­tive against Can­dida al­bi­cans, the fun­gus that causes yeast in­fec­tions and thrush, and He­li­cobac­ter py­lori, the bac­te­ria re­spon­si­ble for stom­ach ul­cers. It has an anti-clot­ting ef­fect on the blood. Sev­eral stud­ies sug­gest that it may have a reg­u­la­tory ef­fect on blood sugar, mak­ing it es­pe­cially ben­e­fi­cial for peo­ple with Type 2 di­a­betes. Other stud­ies with cin­na­mon showed an amaz­ing abil­ity to stop med­ica­tion-re­sis­tant yeast in­fec­tions. One study even found that smelling cin­na­mon boosts cog­ni­tive func­tion and mem­ory. In a study pub­lished by re­searchers at the U.S. De­part­ment of Agri­cul­ture in Mary­land, cin­na­mon re­duced the pro­lif­er­a­tion of leukemia and lym­phoma can­cer cells. Dur­ing re­search at Copen­hagen Uni­ver­sity, pa­tients given half a tea­spoon of cin­na­mon pow­der com­bined with one ta­ble­spoon of honey every morn­ing be­fore break­fast had sig­nif­i­cant re­lief in arthri­tis pain after one week. Stud­ies have shown that just a ½ tea­spoon of cin­na­mon per day may lower LDL cho­les­terol. In ad­di­tion re­searchers at Kansas State Uni­ver­sity found that cin­na­mon fights the E. coli bac­te­ria in un­pas­teur­ized juices. When added to food, it in­hibits bac­te­r­ial growth and food spoilage mak­ing it a nat­ural food preser­v­a­tive. Cin­na­mon is also a great source of man­ganese, fiber, iron, and cal­cium and is ex­tremely high in ORAC 375,000 per 100G. The first highest being Cloves.

Health Ben­e­fits of Certified Or­ganic Cin­na­mon Root Pow­der may in­clude:

        • Im­mune Sys­tem Sup­port
        • Low­er­ing LDL cho­les­terol
        • Re­liev­ing di­ar­rhea
        • Fight­ing the E. coli bacterial and fun­gal in­fec­tions
        • Aid­ing di­ges­tion
        • Re­duc­ing headaches and mi­graine pain
        • Boost­ing cog­ni­tive func­tion and mem­ory
        • Fight­ing the com­mon cold
        • Anti-clot­ting ef­fect on the blood
        • Elim­i­nat­ing some par­a­sites
        • Sup­port­ing healthy blood sugar lev­els
        • Re­duc­ing the pro­lif­er­a­tion of leukemia and lym­phoma can­cer cells
        • Elim­i­nat­ing bad breath
        • Re­liev­ing in arthri­tis pain
        • May pre­vent med­ica­tion-re­sis­tant yeast in­fec­tions

Certified Or­ganic Golden Flax Seeds:

Sup­ports and Bal­ances: The Im­mune, Digestive, and Intestinal Body Sys­tems

The warm, earthy and sub­tly nutty fla­vor of Or­ganic Golden Flax Seeds com­bined with an abun­dance of omega-3 fatty acids makes them an in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar ad­di­tion to the diets of many a health con­scious con­sumer. They are slightly larger than sesame seeds and have a hard shell that is smooth and shiny. Their color ranges from deep amber to red­dish brown de­pend­ing upon whether the flax is of the golden or brown va­ri­ety. While whole flaxseeds fea­ture a soft crunch, the nu­tri­ents in ground seeds are more eas­ily ab­sorbed. MEGA WAY Shakes blends them in our formula whole so that they do not ferment so please make sure to blend them well as they are sharp and may cut the inner organs. Ad­di­tional in­for­ma­tion about the amount of these nu­tri­ents pro­vided by them can be found in the Food Rat­ing Sys­tem Chart. A link that takes you to the In-Depth Nu­tri­tional Pro­file for Flaxseeds, fea­tur­ing in­for­ma­tion of over 80 nu­tri­ents, and can be found under the Food Rat­ing Sys­tem Chart.

Flax seeds are rich in alpha linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fat that is a pre­cur­sor to the form of omega-3 found in fish oils called eicos­apen­taenoic acid or EPA. Since the fats are found in their iso­lated form in flaxseed oil, it is a more con­cen­trated source of ALA than the seeds them­selves (al­though it doesn’t have the other nu­tri­ents that the seeds do). ALA, in ad­di­tion to pro­vid­ing sev­eral ben­e­fi­cial ef­fects of its own, can be con­verted in the body to EPA, thus pro­vid­ing EPA’s ben­e­fi­cial ef­fects. For this con­ver­sion to read­ily take place, how­ever, de­pends on the pres­ence and ac­tiv­ity of an en­zyme called delta-6-destaurase, which,in some in­di­vid­u­als,is less avail­able or less ac­tive than in oth­ers.

In ad­di­tion, delta-6-de­sat­urase func­tion is in­hib­ited in di­a­betes and by the con­sump­tion of sat­u­rated fat and al­co­hol. For these rea­sons, higher amounts of ALA-rich of Or­ganic Golden Flax Seeds or its oil must be con­sumed to pro­vide the same ben­e­fits as the omega-3 fats found in the oil of cold-wa­ter fish. Yet re­search in­di­cates that for those who do not eat fish or wish to take fish oil sup­ple­ments, flaxseed oil does pro­vide a good al­ter­na­tive.

        • A study pub­lished in the Jour­nal of Nu­tri­tion found that flaxseed oil cap­sules pro­vid­ing 3 grams of al­pha-linolenic acid daily for 12 weeks—an amount that would be pro­vided by 3 ta­ble­spoons of flaxseed oil a day—in­creased blood lev­els of EPA by 60% in a pre­dom­i­nantly African-Amer­i­can pop­u­la­tion with chronic ill­ness. A re­cent Med­ Line check (Med ­Line pro­vides ac­cess to the pub­lished peer-re­viewed med­ical lit­er­a­ture) re­vealed 1,677 re­search ar­ti­cles on linolenic acid, in­ves­ti­gat­ing its ef­fects on nu­mer­ous phys­i­o­log­i­cal processes and health con­di­tions.


        • Omega-3 fats are used by the body to pro­duce se­ries 1 and 3 prostaglandins, which are anti-in­flam­ma­tory hor­mone-like mol­e­cules, in con­trast to the se­ries 2 prostaglandins, which are pro-in­flam­ma­tory mol­e­cules pro­duced from other fats, no­tably the omega-6 fats, which are found in high amounts in an­i­mal fats, mar­garine, and many veg­etable oils in­clud­ing corn, saf­flower, sun­flower, palm, and peanut oils.
        • Omega-3 fats can help re­duce the in­flam­ma­tion that is a sig­nif­i­cant fac­tor in con­di­tions such as asthma, os­teoarthri­tis, rheuma­toid arthri­tis, mi­graine headaches, and os­teo­poro­sis. Alpha linolenic acid, the omega-3 fat found in flaxseed and wal­nuts, pro­motes bone health by help­ing to pre­vent ex­ces­sive bone turnover—when con­sump­tion of foods rich in this omega-3 fat re­sults in a lower ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in the diet.(Griel AE, Kris-Ether­ton PM, et al. Nu­tri­tion Jour­nal) Other stud­ies have shown that diets rich in the omega-3s from fish (DHA and EPA), which also nat­u­rally re­sult in a low­ered ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats, re­duce bone loss. Re­searchers think this is most likely be­cause omega-6 fats are con­verted into pro-in­flam­ma­tory prostaglandins, while omega-3 fats are me­tab­o­lized into anti-in­flam­ma­tory prostaglandins. (Prostaglandins are hor­mone-like sub­stances made in our bod­ies from fatty acids.)

Certified Or­ganic Turmeric Root Pow­der:

Sup­ports & Bal­ances: The Di­ges­tive Sys­tem, In­testi­nal, Glan­du­lar, Circulatory and Im­mune Body Sys­tems

Pop­u­larly used in In­dian cui­sine, Or­ganic Turmeric Root Pow­der has been shown to have a broad num­ber of health ben­e­fits. Act­ing as a strong an­tiox­i­dant and well known for its pow­er­ful anti-in­flam­ma­tory prop­er­ties. It sup­ports a healthy di­ges­tive sys­tem, brain func­tion, car­dio­vas­cu­lar/circulatory sys­tems and joint health. It is one of na­ture’s most pow­er­ful heal­ers. The ac­tive in­gre­di­ent in it is cur­cumin. It has been used for over 2500 years in India, where it was most likely first used as a dye. The med­i­c­i­nal prop­er­ties of this spice have been slowly re­veal­ing them­selves over the cen­turies. Long known for its anti-in­flam­ma­tory prop­er­ties, re­cent re­search has re­vealed that it is a nat­ural won­der, prov­ing ben­e­fi­cial for many dif­fer­ent health con­di­tions. Among some of the most in­ter­est­ing health ben­e­fits and their re­cent sci­en­tific find­ings:Alzheimer’s and De­men­tia Pre­ven­tion: The 2003 study in Italy as pub­lished in the Ital­ian Jour­nal of Bio­chem­istry showed that Or­ganic Turmeric Root Pow­der pro­tects against Alzheimer’s dis­ease by ‘ac­ti­vat­ing’ a gene that codes for the pro­duc­tion of the an­tiox­i­dant pro­tein biliru­bin, which pro­tects the brain against in­jury from free rad­i­cals which are thought to beare­spon­si­ble for neu­rode­gen­er­a­tive dis­eases in­clud­ing Alzheimer’s and De­men­tia.

An­other study con­ducted at UCLA and pub­lished in the De­cem­ber 2004 issue of the Jour­nal of Bi­o­log­i­cal Chem­istry, which has been con­firmed by fur­ther re­search pub­lished on­line April 20, 2006, in the Jour­nal of Agri­cul­tural and Food Chem­istry, pro­vides fur­ther in­sight as to how Turmeric pro­vides mul­ti­ple areas of pro­tec­tion against the mech­a­nisms which cause Alzheimer’s. This re­search was so pro­foundly ex­cit­ing to re­searchers that human clin­i­cal tri­als to fur­ther in­ves­ti­gate its po­ten­tial as a “pre­ven­tive, ther­a­peu­tic agent for Alzheimer’s dis­ease will soon be un­der­way”. A Po­tent Anti-In­flam­ma­tory: Its anti-in­flam­ma­tory ef­fects have been shown to be com­pa­ra­ble to the po­tent drugs hy­dro­cor­ti­sone and phenylbu­ta­zone as well as over-the-counter anti-in­flam­ma­tory agents such as Motrin. And un­like lab-pro­duced phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal drugs, it has been shown to pro­duce no tox­i­c­ity, nor the kinds of stom­ach prob­lems that com­monly occur with phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal anti-in­flam­ma­tory drugs. Rheuma­toid Arthri­tis: Many clin­i­cal stud­ies have shown that the an­tiox­i­dant prop­er­ties of Or­ganic Turmeric Root Pow­der help fight the free rad­i­cals re­spon­si­ble for the painful joint in­flam­ma­tion of arthri­tis. The com­bi­na­tion of an­tiox­i­dant and anti-in­flam­ma­tory ef­fects ex­plains why many peo­ple with joint dis­eases find re­lief when they use the spice reg­u­larly, and in a re­cent study of pa­tients with rheuma­toid arthri­tis, it was com­pared to phenylbu­ta­zone and pro­duced com­pa­ra­ble im­prove­ments in short­ened du­ra­tion of morn­ing stiff­ness, length­ened walk­ing time, and re­duced joint swelling.

Cystic Fi­bro­sis: Cur­cumin, the major con­stituent of turmeric that gives the spice its yel­low color, could help cor­rect the ge­netic de­fect that is re­spon­si­ble for cys­tic fi­bro­sis, as sug­gested by an an­i­mal study pub­lished in the April 2004 issue of Sci­ence. Cys­tic fi­bro­sis, a fatal dis­ease that at­tacks the lungs with a thick mucus, caus­ing life-threat­en­ing in­fec­tions, and af­flicts about 30,000 Amer­i­can chil­dren and young adults, who rarely sur­vive be­yond 30 years of age. Colon and other Can­cers Pre­ven­tion: Its an­tiox­i­dant ef­fects help pro­tect the colon cells from free rad­i­cals that can dam­age cel­lu­lar DNA — a sig­nif­i­cant ben­e­fit par­tic­u­larly in the colon where cell turnover is quite rapid.

By im­prov­ing liver func­tion, it also helps the body to de­stroy mu­tated can­cer cells so that they can­not spread through the body and cause more harm. Even more in­ter­est­ing, when it was com­bined with the veg­etable Cau­li­flower, the pro­tec­tion against colon can­cers was even more pro­nounced, lead­ing re­searchers to be­lieve the com­bi­na­tion of cru­cif­er­ous veg­eta­bles and cur cumin could be an “ef­fec­tive ther­apy not only to pre­vent prostate can­cer, but to in­hibit the spread of es­tab­lished prostate can­cers”.

Health Ben­e­fits of Certified Or­ganic Turmeric Root Pow­der may in­clude:

        • Boost­ing the im­mune sys­tem
        • Help­ing neu­tral­ize sub­stances that can cause cel­lu­lar stress
        • Nat­ural painkiller and cox-2 in­hibitor, Re­duces the risk of child­hood leukemia
        • Sup­port­ing healthy bones, joints, and over­all skele­tal sys­tem
        • Pos­si­bly in­hibit­ing the growth of new blood ves­sels in tu­mors
        • Help­ing main­tain healthy cho­les­terol lev­els
        • Help­ful for Alzheimer, En­cour­ag­ing healthy liver func­tion
        • Strong anti-in­flam­ma­tory prop­er­ties, Killing par­a­sites
        • Boost­ing the ef­fects of chemo drug pa­cli­taxel and re­duces its side ef­fects
        • Sup­port­ing your mem­ory func­tion, Boost­ing your im­mune sys­tem
        • Nat­ural an­ti­sep­tic and an­tibac­te­r­ial agent, use­ful in dis­in­fect­ing cuts & burns
        • Main­tain­ing your cells’ in­tegrity when threat­ened by oc­ca­sional en­vi­ron­men­tal stres­sors
        • May aid in fat me­tab­o­lism and help in weight man­age­ment
        • Pro­mot­ing your heart health, Sup­port­ing healthy joint func­tion
        • Stud­ies are on­go­ing in the pos­i­tive ef­fects of turmeric on mul­ti­ple myeloma
        • Pro­motes a healthy fe­male re­pro­duc­tive sys­tem
        • May pre­vent melanoma and cause ex­ist­ing melanoma cells to com­mit sui­cide
        • Sup­ports your over­all eye health
        • Shows promise in slow­ing the pro­gres­sion of mul­ti­ple scle­ro­sis in mice
        • Cleans­ing your skin and main­tain its elas­tic­ity. Pro­motes a healthy pros­trate
        • Pro­vid­ing the an­tiox­i­dants you need to help sup­port your cells against ex­ces­sive ox­i­da­tion and free rad­i­cals
        • Help­ing to re­move amyloidal plaque buildup in the brain
        • Help­ing main­tain blood sugar lev­els al­ready within the nor­mal range
        • As­sist­ing your neu­ro­log­i­cal sys­tem’s healthy re­sponse to stress
        • Bal­anc­ing the ef­fects of skin flora. Nat­ural rem­edy for arthri­tis and rheuma­toid arthri­tis
        • May help in the treat­ment of pso­ri­a­sis and other in­flam­ma­tory skin con­di­tions
        • Help­ing you main­tain healthy cells with sup­port against free rad­i­cals